What Gentle Parents Do When Their Toddler Won't Stay In Bed

[parenting] I tried to put her down for bed at 8:30 pm. That's a respectable hour. Right? I nursed her for about 10 minutes, but then she popped up with wide eyes.
She ran to the door, turned the handle (yes, she can open doors now), and left me laying there with my boob hanging out.

I flopped my boob back into my bra, grabbed my phone (must have my phone or a book when breastfeeding), and danced the dance I've danced many times before.
She was tired but she wasn't sleepy. She seemed to have a bedtime spur of curiosity. I know. I get them sometimes too. I could tell because she was using the toilet to climb on to the bathroom counter when I found her. I thought, "Jojo! Let's get you down from there!" But I stopped myself. She wasn't hurting herself or anyone/anything else. So, I pulled the camera out to capture this cute moment instead. That's what grandma would do! (And I love "grandparenting" when I remember to.)

She posed for pictures, she tried to copy how mommy uses the make-up, she explored the dimensions of the sink. We both had a great time.

My child was playing on the bathroom counter at 9:30 pm - an hour past her bedtime - and I'm okay with that.

p.s. She's fully dressed because, when you're moving, jeans and a long-sleeved shirt double as pajamas!


  1. Lol, Andrea! I love the eyelash curler to the nose! She's precious! :) ~Kolie

  2. Lol. I liked that one too. She always shows me the "right" way to use things. 😂

  3. That's so cute! I was awful at remembering to grandparent; unless it was making mess with food then I would step behind the camera and capture it instead of cleaning it up.

    1. Aww! Thank you! That's great that you captured those moments. I'm happy for you! 😄