DISCLOSURE: I Will NEVER Try To Sell You Something

[about][blogging/internet] I've tried selling various things in the past and it always felt ... icky. I don't wanna do that ever again.
As a newly realized laid-back person, I now know money isn't as important as I used to think.

I am a blogger that has- No ... that EMBODIES truth, honesty, and authenticity. The way I see it, the FIRST time I fail to be fully honest with you, I don't have a blog at that point.
I have a JOB.

I don't want a JOB. I'm not looking for a JOB. I didn't come here for A JOB! The only unique and interesting thing about this blog is that I'm not afraid to let it all hang out with you. (Plus, JOBs aren't fun. And if you know me, if it ain't fun, it probably won't get done.)

And, THAT is why I'm never gonna sell you anything.

However ....... Because we value honesty SO highly here at The Laid-Back Homemaker, I do want to let you know that those fancy ads all around my blog are there because Google is paying me for space on my blog. (And the companies paid Google to find the ad space.)

So why do I monetize after all that stuff I just said? Let's face it, it would be really cool to keep all my content free but be able to use money I made by selling ad space and including affiliate links to make the blog better! And it would be cool if I ever make enough to pay for some of my family's bills too, but that will never be my primary goal.

I've made 32 cents so far and I promise I'll invest every penny I make back into this blog until the blog can't get any better.

And those Mom Mastery University and links? I don't get money by getting you to look at it click on those either. I mention it so much because I genuinely love and believe in MMU THAT much! Like, it really saved my marriage and improved my emotions, spirituality, and mom skills. It does cost money but it is so worth it. You can save MORE than the membership amount every month by taking the finance classes that are inside MMU! ... okay, now it sounds like I'm trying to sell you something. I'm not though. MMU is awesome.

And what in tarnation are "affiliate links"? Before I knew affiliate links were a thing, I simply linked to a plain old Amazon page to show you a certain product I was talking about. I didn't even know you could make money using affiliate links ... I didn't even know what they were. By signing up for Amazon's affiliate links program, I get special links that let Amazon know that I was the one who sent that customer to them. Then Amazon pays me for bringing someone to their site, even if you didn't buy anything. Plus, I do really love Amazon. I've been an Amazon Prime member for almost since they started Amazon Prime and they did NOT pay me to say that. But they will pay me if you click on this link.

Speaking of clicking on my affiliate links and ads ... Please don't go around purposely clicking all my ads and affiliate links just to"help" me. It can get me in trouble. Amazon and Google keep track of EH-VER-EE-THING. They will know when something fishy is going on. So, as much as I know you love me, please don't support me in that way.

If you love me THAT much, please show me by sharing links to my blog and YouTube videos anytime you can! Subscribe to my YouTube channel, like and comment on and share every video. If you do that, you will be helping me reach 10,000 total channel views. After that, I'll be able to sell ad space on my videos and I can use the money to make WAY better videos for you. Sound like a deal?

Anyway, consider yourself aware that there are ads and affiliate links on my blog. But also know that I will never try to sell you something; I won't recommend any product that I wouldn't recommend to you for free.

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