What Unschooling Looks Like For A Toddler

[parenting] I unschool my "school-aged" kids (if you haven't heard of unschooling, this Wikipedia article has a pretty good explanation), but can you unschool a toddler?
The answer has been debated. But if the answer is yes, I'd say unschooling a toddler looks like this: 
  • not scolding her for being curious
  • not scolding her for finding out what the dry rice feels like in her hands and in her mouth
  • greeting her with joy as I learn I need to secure the rice bag better or keep it higher
  • and had I not also found she needed a diaper change, I probably would have let her play with the rice a little more
I'll sweep up the rice and save it in a separate bag for her to play with outside later. The way I see it, when she does things like this, she's learning - her neurons are making stronger connections.

I'm blessed to have the chance to experience what it's like to live life with children whose curiosity is praised and supported no matter their ages. I thank God for opening my eyes to a more joyful and peaceful way of living life in general - but especially with my children.

(See also RIE: resources for infant educarers. I'd say that's a good view of what unschooling babies and toddlers looks like)

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