How To Deal With Unsolicited Dick Pics

[blogging/internet] Penises don't scare me, and they shouldn't scare you either. It's just a body part. Seeing a penis unexpectedly doesn't bother me, but you know what does? People being rude.

Correct me if I'm wrong but replying "good morning" in no way, shape, or form means "send me a picture of your penis."

Guys, if you're reading this: by all means, send pictures of your penis if you want to and if the receiving party wants you to. But when you send a picture of your penis to someone who doesn't want it, two things happen: 1. you come off as rude, immature, emotionally debilitated, desperate, and unattractive (girls don't like that crap) and 2. you just opened yourself up to be ridiculed.
I usually write about homemaking, parenting, emotional health, and unschooling, but TODAY ... I am going to be taking a break from that to vindicate every person who ever received an unsolicited dick pic.

If this goes viral, maybe men- I mean, BOYS will think twice before sending pictures of their penis to people. I got three daughters, y'all. If there's anything I can do to make the internet a better place for them, I'm gonna do it.


Step 1. Download the Picsart app. It's FREE on Itunes and Google Play.

Step 2. Take a screenshot of the unsolicited dick pic.

Step 3. Open Picsart and start a new project.

Step 4. Select the image you wish to edit.

Step 5. Add the stickers and text that you want.

Step 6. Share your creation with the world.

Step 7. Don't forget the hashtag #picsartpenisbaby

Step 8. You can tag The Laid-Back Homemaker if you want to. I LOVE when people send me pics of their babies.

I'm told that I was lucky that I went 31 years before getting my first dick pic. How old were YOU the first time you got one?

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