Make Money Blogging In Weeks

[long post][blogging/internet] Step 1. The first step to starting a money-making blog is to start a blog.

(Please excuse my no-nonsense writing style.)

Go on the internet and Google what the differences are between the different blogging platforms.
DO NOT just use Wordpress because someone told you that you can use their discounted link. They make money when you use their link so, of course, they're going to tell you that Wordpress is the best. I'm sure Wordpress has its advantages. I checked it out for a second and decided I'd rather stay with Blogger. It's what I am most familiar and comfortable with but I don't know if it's the best. People who want you to use their Wordpress link so they can make money off of you will tell you that you cannot make money off of your blog if it's on Blogger; THIS IS A LIE. You CAN make money on Blogger. I know because I do. There are other websites you can start a blog on like Wix or Squarespace. Spend at least five minutes on Google deciding which one you want to try. Part of why I like Blogger is because IT IS FREE.

Don't worry too much about a title. Slap some crap up there; you can and probably will change it later.

Step 2. Start writing.

What do you write about? Literally anything. Just make sure it free of typos and grammatical errors. I recommend (It's what I use and it's FREE.) Every time you publish a post, share it on at least one form of social media - but the more social medias the better. Try to have at least one eye-catching photo with each post so that it gets the attention of your friends and followers. PICS GET CLICKS. After about 20 posts, you'll have a good idea of which topics you get the most readers on (see image below). You'll also have a good idea on which topics you ENJOY writing about - what comes the most naturally to you. These first 20 posts will help you hone in on a NICHE.

Example. After writing about many different topics for over a month, I can look at my stats to see what content is the most popular. As you can see below. I get the most views on articles about unschooling. I can use this information to know where to aim my niche and/or what content I should make in the future to bring the most traffic to my website! Of course, I can write about whatever I want (it's MY website) but I would be remiss to not write a good article on unschooling as often as possible.

If you're having trouble coming up with writing ideas, use I also recommend their email course. And of course, it's FREE!

Step 3. While you're working on your first 20 blog posts, learn how to customize your website so that it looks good.

If you don't know a lot about web design, this will be the most difficult step for you. But PUSH THROUGH because it's important. If your site doesn't look good, people will click away faster than you can say "bounce rate". If you don't know how to customize your site, then Google it. There is SO MUCH INFO on the internet for you for free. Don't be afraid to try stuff; barely anyone is visiting your site right now anyway.

Step 4. After your first twenty posts, you'll have a good idea for a niche and a title. Now is the time to make a decision on a title and make a logo.

You can hire someone to make your logo but I used IT IS FREE and EASY to use. Play around on the website for at least five minutes. If your logo idea isn't taking off, then move on to the next step. You can do the logo later.

Step 5. Buy a domain name.

I used Google Domains to buy my website name i.e. If you don't want to use your blog to make money on Adsense, you don't have to do this step. My domain costs me $12 per year. It is THE ONLY thing I've paid for since starting my blog. Make a domain name that contains the title of your blog. You may actually change the name and logo of your blog after searching for a good domain.

If you don't have a Google account already, now is the time to set one up. If you use Blogger, because it is owned by Google, you can go straight to Adsense from your Blogger dashboard. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for your Adsense account to get approved. You need to check on it once in a while. If it doesn't go through, your Blogger dashboard will tell you what is wrong. This step can be kind of frustrating; Google doesn't make it easy for you. But anything worth having is worth working for so don't let that frustrate you.

Step 7. Once your Adsense account is approved, put ads on your page.

I don't know how to do this on other platforms, but on Blogger it is very easy. You just go to "Layout" in your dashboard. Click "Gadgets" and add the Adsense gadgets anywhere you want. I have them on my sidebar, on my footer, and in between my posts. To put them in between your posts, click "Posts" in the Layout tab to open the options and choose to include Adsense ads in between your posts.

Step 8. Keep writing and keep learning how to make your website better.

You will NOT be able to pay your bills by blogging in the first month. Your ad revenue will build slowly but incrementally. Every time you make more in a week than you did the previous week, CELEBRATE it - even if it's just 10 cents more. If you make 30 cents your first week and 40 cents the next week and keep going at that rate, you'll make at least 53 cents the next week. If you keep writing, you'll keep growing your ad revenue.

And once you start NETWORKING, your earnings will grow at an even faster rate. We will cover networking in the next lesson.


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