How To Network On Facebook

[blogging/internet] The internet can be a great place to make friends from all over the world! Having good friends is important to life satisfaction, especially for moms.
I've learned so much about friendship during my life, and making friends is one of the things I'm best at! Recent circumstances have kept me at home more than usual. Subsequently, I've learned how to take my friend-making skills to the next level using Facebook. This article will teach you step-by-step how to increase your friend circle by using Facebook and bring your attention to a few things to be careful of.

Step 0. (If you don't have a Facebook account, start one. Let the app sync with your contacts. It will use the phone numbers on your phone to automatically find your first Facebook friends. Facebook will send them friend requests and they will probably "add" you. Spend about three to six months (maybe more, maybe less) figuring out how to use Facebook and to strengthen online friendships with people you already know. Add people on Facebook at any opportunity. Ask people if they're on Facebook - most people are. Your goal is to be Facebook friends with everyone you interact in real life who has a Facebook account.)

Step 1. If you are already on Facebook but you aren't Facebook friends with everyone you interact with in real life, fix that.

Step 2. Start making online friends. These can range from acquaintances to complete strangers.

Step 2 and a half. If you're already past step 2, then the next step is to know your niche. As a blogger and YouTuber, some of my niches are motherhood, emotional health, homeschooling, unschooling, and gentle parenting. These are topics that I love to talk and learn about.

Step 3. Join Facebook groups in your niche. How you do this is you go to the search bar and you enter a word. (For example: mom, homeschool, or unschool.) Search for the name of your city and surrounding area if you're a local business or you want to be friends with people nearby. In the search results go to "groups". Then start clicking to your heart's content. You will have to answer questions to join some of the groups. That's okay, it means the group is well moderated.

Step 4. When you get accepted into a group, READ THE PINNED POST AND DESCRIPTION, then introduce yourself in a way that falls in line with the group's guidelines. If you don't feel like reading the pinned post and description for every group you're accepted to, then you can stop reading this tutorial, because if you don't know how to be considerate and friendly, then the next steps aren't going to work for you.

When you introduce yourself to the group, find a way to tell them that you want them to, or they can, send you a friend request. If you want to (and if you're not afraid of rejection) you can send a friend request to everyone who likes your post. Make sure your privacy settings are set so that people can send you friend requests.

Step 5. Interact with your friends and in your groups. Comment, comment, comment. Like, react, and share if you wish, but make sure you're commenting and CONNECTING with people. Make real comments. If you're just typing stuff like "nice pic" or "lol", you're not really making a connection and no one is probably going to "like" your comment. If you want to (and if you're not afraid of rejection), send friend requests to people who reply or react to your comments on your friend's posts or on group posts.

Don't worry. It's easy to make friends in Facebook because it has A LOT of users and because of how the people are organized. You'll find that each form of social media has their own unique dynamics. For example, on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and to a lesser extent, Instagram, it's really easy to find people because these social media platforms are more public than Facebook. BUT they have to be looking for you or find out about you through a "retweet", the algorithm's suggestion, a "repin", or a hashtag. Because Facebook is set up to link you up with people you may already know, its algorithms are great for making friends - not limited to IRL (in real life) ones.

Tips for over-achievers: Wanna make lots of friends fast?
  • Join the groups with the most members
  • Post a pic when introducing yourself (if allowed) - pics get clicks
  • When you see someone post something about making friends in one of your groups, add that person, comment on their post telling people to add you as well, add other people who commented, and add people who reacted to the original post
  • Facebook will occasionally warn you to only add people you know, click "confirm" to let Facebook know you know what you're doing
  • If you add too many friends too fast, Facebook will warn you that you're using their features incorrectly. If you reach that point, take a break for a few minutes before adding more friends.

Warning: There are a lot of "unfriendlies" on Facebook. There are people who will try to pick fights with you. There are people who will just see you as someone to sell something to. There are people who will harass you. There are people who aren't who they say they are. If you feel like something is "off", it probably is. Facebook wants you to feel safe using their platform. You can and should report suspicious profiles, posts, conversations, etc. In groups, use the help of admins for dealing with nasty people and situations. Unfollow, unfriend, or block anyone you want. You don't ever HAVE to respond to anyone you don't want to.

If there's anything you felt I left out, please let me know! If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!

Leave me a comment if you'd like me to write a blog post with instructions on how to set up a Facebook page and/or a Facebook group.

If this info helped you, please share. Thank you so much for reading!

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