How And Why Was Created

[blogging/internet][about] I miss my friends in San Antonio so much. Actually, it's kind of an understatement to call them "friends" - "tribe" would be a more accurate word.

I believe God brought me to Washington for a reason - well, two reasons. The first reason was obvious: to spend more time with my family. My parents, my brother, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandpa all live in the Pacific Northwest. My husband's family lives on the West coast, so we're close to them too.

The second reason was to geographically separate me from my tribe.

It was the push I needed to be my own tribe - I needed to learn to be my own best friend.

A skill that I learned from an online self-help course that I took was to let out your feelings in a journal AND THEN respond to your entry adopting the persona of the best friend you can imagine. I used this skill to start writing my blog.

This blog is all about making motherhood less work and more fun because my life is about making motherhood less work and more fun!

I have started many new friendships and strengthened many old ones because of this blog. I hope to continue down that path.

When I started the blog, I had no intention of making money off of it or doing YouTube videos. But because one of my besties pushed me (I recommend having at least one "pusher" friend if you like growing as a person), I tried it. Now, I'm realizing the decision to make this blog not only benefits me, it benefits my family, and, best of all, it is my hope that it benefits the families of my thousands of readers.

Thank you for reading. Please share my blog with someone if you think it will help them.

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  1. What a wonderful concept to be your own best friend! I too have found that blogging has brought me closer to some of my real- life friends and introduced me to so many more new ones across the globe. I really do love this little blogging community I've settled into and am always expanding.

    1. I never imagined this is what it would be like! I LOVE being a blogger 😄 It's also how I met YOU! ♥️