I Have Two Words For 2018

My New Year resolution is to be aware & perceptive

Anyone who has watched my latest vlog (above) already knows that. But I was getting to thinking ... By saying that, I am pretty much admitting that I have been the opposite of aware & perceptive.

I thought the opposite of aware & perceptive were unaware & unperceptive. But when I Googled their antonyms, the results showed me that the opposite is ignorant & obtuse. 😔

I don't want to believe that I've been ignorant & obtuse. So I looked for another answer. Upon digging further in Thesaurus.com, I found that aware & perceptive have a common antonym of an antonym - it's inattentive.

And it's true; I've been inattentive. I've been so distracted by my own thoughts that I haven't been paying attention to my actions.
It's fun to be spontaneous, but it's not fun to pay the consequences for impulsive behavior. 😔

In 2017, I yelled at my kids, I said negative and rude things to my husband, I said plenty of negative things to plenty of others, I stayed up late (and slept in) too many times, I bought too many things than we really needed, and I let my emotions control me.

2018 is the year I only yell my kids' names (hey, baby steps), I think before I say something, I make a "routine" that works for me instead of trying routines that feel like work, I think before I act more, and I decide how I respond to tough situations.

I thought my two words of the year were going to be "aware & perceptive" but they're not.

My two words for 2018 are:

Pay attention.

No more distractions, no more excuses, no more self-hate. ✌️ Peace. See you in 2018. ♥️

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What are your words for 2018? Or what do you think of the ones I chose? Tell me in the comments. I wanna know

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