Tips to Increase "likes" and GENUINE Page Traffic on Facebook

[guest post] By: Kolie Dee

I read somewhere that a really low # of people you invite to "like" your Facebook page will actually do it ...somewhere around 10-15%, I think it was. However, about 95% of the people I've invited have "liked"/"followed".

I only started my Facebook account last spring, and I started it primarily for networking with people in my online university (Mom Mastery University (MMU)...where I met our favorite "The Laid-Back Homemaker!), people in my music academy, and other networking needs.

I originally reached out to the people I saw were the most proactive in MMU since they are the largest source of encouragement, support, and networking from that group.
After I created my group page, I invited everyone, and most of them accepted.

I think your profile pic is SO IMPORTANT! A fun pic can be great, but I think it's important if you're using facebook for networking, to use a pic that really suits/fits what you want people to see about you. i.e. my pic was professionally taken, and I think it shows I'm not the (pardon the crude term, but spacing a better phrase right now) "average joe" just taking a picture with my guitar...that I'm on a professional level with what I do. I know for a fact that my pic makes people curious, and has brought numerous people by to "friend" me out of curiosity.

Now that I have an "established" main Facebook account, whenever I "friend" someone, I always send a genuine message.

After they accept my request, THEN Facebook shows their name in people I can invite to my page. (When on your page, you will find a section that has the headline "Community".  Right under that, you'll click "Invite your friends to like this page".  Then scroll to your new "friend".  *I always check the box that says, "Invite in messenger".) 
I send a link from my page IMMEDIATELY to "like" it as soon as I see they accepted my friend request. This way they're immediately able to learn more about me by going to my page, so I think "curiosity" because I'm a new person to them gets them to click my link, and I'm sure everyone has that side of thinking they are a new friend and don't want to be "rude" by not clicking (though honestly, I've only had 1 person not "like", and I really don't think they're rude! lol).


I pm them, and send them some sort of friendly, genuine "Welcome to my page!" message of sorts, but nothing too wordy.
After I've sent a "welcome" message, and approved their request, then I know they will show up on my group page in the "invite friends" section. I immediately do so. I have yet to have someone not "like"/"follow" promoting my page this way.

Also, as good etiquette, and for the sake of real networking, I let them know I love networking and ask th em if they have a page. If they do I always "like"/"follow", and genuinely check out their page and interact as time allows on it. Hope this helps! I would love to hear from you if you think this helped you! All feedback is welcome! 

Kolie Dee
Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, and Mental Health Advocate. 
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